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  • სამ. ნოე 28th, 2023

Vocational education, is it worth getting?


ნოე 15, 2023

In Georgia, the opinion is quite widespread that it is necessary to enter the university, because a diploma will open the way for you everywhere. The thing is, if you don’t have the person who can do the job, neither the diploma nor the kinship will save you. One of my friends told me that a person was accepted to work with him because of his relative, but he could not understand that field, that’s why he had to leave the job. Well, what did I say, if you know your business, it will definitely be appreciated, whether in Georgia or abroad, but as for professional education, I would like to say with my example that I have 2 diplomas of higher education, both in Georgia and abroad, and 2 professional (or rather, the second one now) I am learning).

Anyway, what is professional education in Georgia?

Vocational education is quite a profitable business, if you know a trade that will be useful to you in the future, be it a welder, a specialist in measuring works, a cook or something else, then it will make it easier for you to find a job and a stable income, but do they teach it well in Georgia? Let’s talk a little about my experience: for the first time, I entered College A(a)ip Ikaros, faculty of restaurant management, the same as a waiter. The name waiter in itself is quite derogatory to some, so the name was changed to restaurant management. The study lasted for 6 months and I would like to say that it was quite interesting, both theoretically and practically. I also note that the participants and finalists of the Master Chef program are students of College Icaros, so it allows us to assume that the teaching here is quite good in terms of cooking, and indeed, this college has quite good chefs, such as “Manuel Foundes Baranda” , who is everyone’s favorite chef and many other Georgian chefs. In short, if we don’t want to go on, I would like to say what are the pluses and minuses of this college.


The plus side is that if you follow these things to the end, you will definitely come out as professionals in your field, but it is necessary to give time and invest to the end. A plus is that most of the professional colleges are free. College lists and free programs can be found at the following link http://www.vet.emis.ge


Superficial attitude of lecturers/teachers towards some subjects, that’s why if you are not demanding and demanding, the lecturers can fool you, make you miss subjects, etc. Also, some colleges are quite far away, for example College Ikaros, Spektri, SBA, etc.

What is the age limit and what do they ask for?

The age is different for all faculties, some require 9th grade, some 12th grade, generally 18 years and above. As far as education is concerned, the faculty has a complete general certificate, i.e. graduation of 12th grade or 9th grade certificate. Also they may require form 100 (same as psycho) for some faculties.

What time does registration take place?

Registration takes place twice a year, in spring (May, June) and autumn (September, October), but if you miss these dates, the college organizes internal exams, during which you can apply for them and submit documents without Vet.Emis.J.

What kind of exams do we have to pass?

All colleges and faculties have different types of exams. Some skills, some literacy, some interview, some internal testing, that’s why vet.emis.ge has written in advance in the faculty’s comment what kind of test you have to take.


Conclusion I can say that this is a pretty good way to master the craft, but still there is a lot to be done to improve it, and for that, a good education system needs to be introduced.

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