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  • სამ. ნოე 28th, 2023

Trading on the stock exchange is a new way to cheat


ნოე 15, 2023

Recently, advertisements related to stock exchange trading have been spreading on the Internet, through social networks or websites. Often scammers offer you to make easy money, and in order to maximize and protect your profits, they offer you to hire an expert, which is free and included in the exchange trading. After that, they tell you the specific date when you can withdraw the winnings and they will help you with that. Remember that fraudsters enter into close communication with you and contact you as a “friend”, asking you information about yourself, what is your problem, whether you have a loan or income, and the question may also concern property, etc.

What site do scammers use?

They use sites that are newly registered or have a questionable reputation. Often, even through the address of the site, its value can be seen, because they use long names and quite different from well-known platforms. You can check its age and reputation online by looking at reviews, but fake reviews are also quite easy to come by.

What amount of money do they offer to invest?

The amount includes an investment of $250, but if you have less money, this is not a big problem for them either. They offer you to enter card data on a specific site, as a result of which this amount will be deducted on a specific site, and not only your data will be known to fraudsters, but also the amount that was deducted from you. Remember that if you have an insured card and the SMS code (the code that comes as a result of entering the card data to confirm the payment) is given to the fraudster on your initiative, the bank will not reimburse you in this case.

What are their next steps?

The bogus exchange itself shows your money and trade progress, but when it’s their supposed time to withdraw, they contact you via some messenger and ask you to send them your passport, card details (whether they have them or not) and other documents. Perhaps you have a question, what do they need all this for? The answer is simple. Once they have access to all of this, fraudsters can contact your bank and impersonate you, giving them access to your online bank and easily getting a loan or withdrawing your bank balance. In itself, this is an illegal act and the bank is obliged not to allow such cases, but remember, it is also difficult for the bank to identify a fraudster when they have all the information about you.

How to avoid such cases?

Earning easy money is quite difficult, and if you want to trade in the stock market, there are many videos and training courses for this, and there are quite safe and reliable sites, and banks also offer investments that can be done by logging into the online bank. That’s why when you see an ad, whether it’s the stock exchange, or the purchase of shares of any company, and recently advertising in the name and face of the president, as if easy money is being made by investing, don’t believe it and run similar ads, or file a complaint (Report) so that other people are not affected.

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