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  • სამ. ნოე 28th, 2023

LI-FI Internet in light


ნოე 15, 2023

What is LI-FI? LI-FI probably reminds you of the WI-FI that we use every day, but the point here is that LI-FI, with the help of a lamp that gives us light, also allows us to use the Internet. It was mentioned for the first time in 2011, which gradually came into use.

To be more precise, WI-FI uses radio waves so that the device can connect to the Internet with the help of antennas, while LI-FI uses the modulation of light (only LED lamps) to transmit the Internet to the device. If you are wondering why they use it and why it was created at all, the answer is easy. It is used in places where the transmission of radio waves is either prohibited or associated with some danger, such as airplanes, hospitals, military facilities, and the like.

What is the disadvantage of LI-FI?

Its rays cannot penetrate walls, meaning it has a lower reception area and lower hacking potential compared to Wi-Fi. I will also add that the presence of other lights can reduce its capabilities, for example sunlight.

At the time, in 2013, the LI-FI system showed us a good indicator in terms of Internet speed. It transmitted 224 gigabits per second. And its price is expected to be lower than WI-Fi. For the first time, its sketch for sale was presented in Barcelona in 2014.

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