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  • სამ. ნოე 28th, 2023

Is it possible to change the name with different airlines?


ნოე 15, 2023

Name change, aka “Name Correction” with airlines, is associated with certain difficulties and costs. Often they ask for a certain amount of money to change the name, some do not even allow you to change the name or surname.

What are the policies of the various major airlines regarding this?

QATAR AIRWAYS – The Qatar Airways policy states that, in general, Qatar Airways does not allow us to change our name, for several reasons. The best solution is to cancel the current ticket and buy a new one. For complete information, go to the following link:

TURKISH AIRLINES – The rules of Turkish Airlines state that it is not possible to change the name after booking from our website or mobile application. Full details:

Emirates – Emirates Airlines: We learn from the Emirates website that the name can be changed if we made a mistake while writing, for example, we wrote Gorgi instead of George, but for this we may be asked for a certain amount, as it turns out, the amount includes 30 dollars, but not everywhere. Full details:

LOT – Polish Airlines LOT: If we believe the site, it is not possible to change the name, but you can contact the operator and explain what the problem is, but for this they will ask you for a certain amount of money. Full information:

Pegasus : Name changes are also prohibited:

Wizzair and other low-cost airlines: it is possible to change the name of the passenger online, no later than 3 hours before the scheduled departure time! A name change fee (‎140 ₾) will be required for each flight: please note that if you request a name change through the Wizz Air Information Center, you will be required to pay an Information Center transaction fee. There is a similar policy on other low-cost airlines, in full:

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