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  • სამ. ნოე 28th, 2023

How to send an anonymous email


ნოე 15, 2023

Anonymity is quite a common thing in our life, but not everything is as hidden as we think. If you are using Microsoft products, and you probably are, in this case anonymity is just a word and nothing more, because they monitor our every move and what is visible to you on your device is the same for Microsoft.

It is of course possible to create fake ‘Fake’ emails, but this is not an option as there are a few things to consider:

  • If you’re creating a fake email, do you realize you’re doing it on your computer?
  • With the same browser (browser: Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, Opera, etc.)?
  • On the same network (network: the Internet you are connected to, wired or wireless)?

If there is at least one answer, forget about anonymity, I won’t go deep into all this, but that’s how it is.

What if I want to send someone a secret email?

There are a few things to keep in mind here, but the first is to hide your IP address (IP address: roughly the same as a mobile phone number, which is unique to each network) so that it can’t be traced anywhere, including whoever you’re emailing. For this, you need to use a VPN program (VPN: changes your IP address to another IP address, including a country change, which means that you will be anonymous on the network), it is quite available on the Internet, and free, but I recommend using the Proton VPN program , but if you want something else, that’s up to you, but also make sure that the VPN is not a registered company in your country so that the government doesn’t track you.

If you have blocked your email, it’s better to use another browser that you haven’t used before, I recommend Mozilla Firefox because it has a pretty good privacy policy. It is better to open the Private or Incognito page. After that we can send email with the help of the following site AnonymouseMail . This method allows us to send an e-mail once, but we will not get a response back from him, and after a few minutes this e-mail will be deleted, but the addressee will definitely receive your letter.

There is another method, if you want them to email you back, that is, to reply to your message, then this site is for you:

These sites use encryption, which means that your messages are encrypted, which in itself means that only you and the recipient can read the message.

Finally, if you’re sending a Word document or something similar, it’s best to check its details to avoid leaking your information by right-clicking on the Word icon and selecting Properties. Then go to Details and click at the bottom as shown in the photo to delete the information that belongs to you.

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