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  • სამ. ნოე 28th, 2023

How to buy cheap airline tickets?


ნოე 15, 2023

Air tickets are an integral part of our life. We have to buy it several times a year to visit our relatives, or to go back to our homeland or even just to travel. When it comes to buying a ticket, we often go to the airline’s website and buy the ticket from there, which of course is good because it is the real airline’s website, but the bad thing is that the tickets here can be quite expensive.

What are we doing to avoid it ? We go to airline ticket reseller sites to check if this ticket is cheaper and in many cases it is. But before we start buying air tickets on any site, it is better to hide our identity, for this we need to disable cookies. What does it all mean?

The fact is that cookies store information about you and transfer it to a third site, for example, I went to a site where I want to buy women’s clothing, namely a red dress, then if we go to another site, it will show us an ad about it or directly offer it to us, but why is this bad? The bad thing is that your interest in plane tickets was transferred to a third site, which thinks that you really need to fly and will do everything for it, and let’s give a more expensive price to fly abroad, but come on, if another site gave me such an expensive price, I will return to that site and buy tickets. But a surprise here too, the prices have increased here too. To avoid all this, we will teach you a simple method. It is better to use a computer. In the browser (browser means in simple language, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.) in the search field, find the browser that gives us that word and add an extension, for example; Google Chrome Extension and will take you to extension sites, such as programs, themes, etc. And write the word VPN (Virtual private network) and download any of them that work, in my case I used VeePN in the Google Chrome browser, which is free. It is necessary to give it permission to work in incognito mode, for this we need to click on it in the upper right corner (it may be hidden in the puzzle logo), to see this program, right-click and manage extension. Let’s look at it and turn on allow in incognito. After that, go to incognito mode by pressing the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and New incognito window, then enter the vpn program, which may be hidden in the puzzle, and launch it. When it turns on, we will go to the usual airline ticket site and find the tickets we need.

What sites are there?

There are many sites, I personally use foreign ones, because the difference on Georgian trading sites is several hundreds or even tens of GEL. These sites are: Aviasales, flightcentre, Gotogate, cheaptickets, cheapflights, etc.

Is this site trustworthy?

Yes, these sites are reliable, but just in case, see what people say about this or that site. Personally, I have bought from all the sites here and have not had any problems.

What are the disadvantages?

In the cons, I can say that if you buy from this site, if you need to cancel or change the date, you have to write to the same site and you have to pay a certain amount for their service.

Does it also apply to flights from Kutaisi?

Flights from Kutaisi are already cheap and you can buy them on the Vezair website, but you can also check if it’s cheaper on another website.

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