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  • სამ. ნოე 28th, 2023

Airplane crashes for a safer future – why are flights becoming safer?


ნოე 15, 2023

Airplane crashes are one of the most terrifying events for humanity, because they are always associated with great casualties. A person feels weak at this time, because he knows that his seconds are numbered, but fortunately, every plane crash leads to the result of what is called a safe flight.

The fact is that any plane crash is accompanied by a thorough investigation involving both the aircraft manufacturer (Boing and Airbus) and the local authorities where the plane crash occurred.

Recently, there are fewer and fewer cases of aircraft malfunctions, because behind this giant creation there are many professionals who are improving it every day. If you are more interested in why this or that plane crash happened, I recommend the Canadian documentary series “Plane Crash Discussion – Mayday”. You can watch it in both Russian and English languages. I will also add that the word Mayday (must be said 3 times) is used when the plane is in danger and you want to declare an emergency and inform the dispatcher about it (not only about the plane).

For example, we can take the crash of one of the planes of Malaysia Airlines, which was a well-known event for everyone. If we rely on this documentary series (spoiler alert), we will realize that the plane was fully repaired, and the real culprit was the pilot who specifically shot the plane down (not yet known, but one of the last possible reasons, season 14, episode 11).

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