• ხუთ. ივნ 8th, 2023
  • How To Approach Dating If You’re Too Busy To Date
    Balancing a career, social life, quality time with friends and family, self-care, hobbies, and adequate sleep is enough to keep anyone occupied. How much more if you add dating into the mix? Whew! You may have wondered if you are too busy to date in the midst of a full schedule, even though your heart desires […]
  • 12 Best Brain Foods To Help You Focus Like A Laser
    Do you ever feel like your brain can function better than it is currently? Have you ever had moments of laser sharp focus and wished they stayed with you forever? We have all had those moments where we found ourselves being super productive and having lengthened periods of concentration and focused attention, and if there […]
  • Tired of Life? 6 Easy Tips to Press the ‘Refresh’ Button
    It’s pretty normal to get tired of life. Everyone gets to a point where exhaustion takes over the will to live. But since a lot of people don’t openly accept this part of their life, others feel like they’re the only ones who are going through a constant low. If you’ve been feeling tired of […]
  • Why Is Life So Hard?
    When you question why life is so hard and you are chasing your purpose, you know there is something that makes everything worthwhile. As “risk-free” as settling may appear, you will bear the burden of never reaching your true potential. You will always be wondering if there is more to life than the one you […]
  • როგორ გავაგზავნოთ ანონიმური ელ.ფოსტა
    ანონიმურობა ჩვენს ცხოვრებაში საკმაოდ გავრცელებული რამაა, მაგრამ ყველაფერი ისეთი დაფარული არაა, როგორც ჩვენ გვგონია. თუ თქვენ იყენებთ Microsoft პროდუქციას და ალბათ ასეცაა, ამ შემთხვევაში ანონიმურობა უბრალოდ სიტყვაა და მეტი არაფერი, რადგან ისინი აკონტროლებენ ჩვენს თითოეულ ნაბიჯს და რაც ხილვადია თქვენთვის თქვენს მოწყობილობაში, იგივეა Microsoft-თვის. რა თქმა უნდა შესაძლებელია ყალბი ‘Fake” ელექტრონული ფოსტების შექმნა, მაგრამ ეს […]